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Discontinued 6/2010

The Blanket-Lite 6x6 is the grande dame of Kino Flo lighting. It’s big. It’s soft. It mounts on stands but as its name implies the Blanket-Lite can hang like a curtain of light or physically wrap around corners. From ambitious production designs that fly scores of Blanket-Lites at a time, to large area soft lighting on movie sets, to key lighting in small photo studios, the Blanket-Lite 6x6 covers a lot of creative ground.


The 16-Lamp Blanket-Lite The High Output Ballast
• 6ft True Match® daylight and tungsten lamps
• Mounting Frame
• Removable lamp wiring harness
• Silver reflecting material
• Mega
• HO/Standard switching
• Flicker-free, remote operation
• Individual lamp control
• Instant-on, dead quiet
Blanket-Lite Highlights
  • 16-Lamp 6’ x 6’ fixture with frame
  • Fixture includes Reflector and Harness
  • Same fixture takes daylight and tungsten lamps
  • No tools required to assemble mounting frame   
  • Mounts to two junior stands or hangs from grid
  • Fixture can run remote up to 75 feet (24 meters) from ballasts
  • HO/Std, flicker-free ballasts
  • Instant-on, dead quiet
  • Individual lamp switching - no color shift
  • UL listed, CE approved
Blanket-Lite System


The Blanket-Lite is 6' x 6' in size and uses sixteen 6ft True Match Safety-Coated Lamps. It has a trim profile of 10" and weighs in at 72lbs (33kg) with frame and lamps.

It’s powered by four Mega 4Bank ballasts and four Mega 4Bank extension cables. Like other Kino Flos, the unit is high output, flicker-free and cool to the touch as well as to the talent. The Blanket-Lite offers either daylight or tungsten quality light, or a mixture of either in the same fixture.

Lamps are spaced along two ratchet straps on 4 ½” centers.  The Blanket-Lite mounts onto a 6’ x 6’ snap-on pipe frame which is easily assembled.  No tools required for assembly.  It can work by itself or in conjunction with diffusion materials, silver reflector (REF-6X6),
silks (DFS-6X6) or soft egg crate louver (LVC-6X6) sold separately. 

Operate Blanket-Lite Manually


Lamps can be alternated by turning either 2 center switches 2 and 3 off or 2 outer switches 1 and 4 off.
This will result in an on/off pattern for an even 1 f-stop drop in light output.

  Lamp Select Feature

Four Mega 4Bank Ballasts are required to operate one Blanket-Lite fixture.

The ballasts have a HO/Std switch. The Selector Switch has an HO setting for full light output while the Std setting can be used to lower the light level by a ½ f-stop.

When operating lamps in high ambient temperature or where the units are rigged into place with restricted airflow, the Std setting can be used to lower the color temperature and remove any green spike.

    Blanket-Lite Kit    

  Blanket-Lite 6x6 Kit, 120VAC  

  Blanket-Lite 6x6 Kit, 230VAC
  4 Mega 4Bank Ballast
  4 Extension, 25ft
  1 Blanket-Lite 6x6
  1 Silver Cloth Reflector
  2 Silk Diffuser
  1 Frame Assembly
  1 Blanket-Lite Case
  1 Frame Assembly Case
  1 Ballast/Mount Case

  Description Dimensions (L x W x H) Weight w/ Contents
  Blanket-Lite 6x6 Ballast, Mount Ship Case 25 x 13 x 17.5”
(63.5 x 33 x44.5cm)
68 lb
  Blanket-Lite Ship Case 78.5 x 10.5 x 14”
(199.5 x 26.5 x 35.5cm)
71 lb
  Blanket-Lite Frame Ship Case 74 x 9 x 12.5”
(188 x 23 x 32cm)
77 lb

  The Blanket-Lite 6x6 Kit comes with four 4Bank Mega Ballasts, four 25ft Head Extensions, Blanket-Lite 6x6, Blanket-Lite 6x6 Cloth Reflector, two Silk Diffusers, Frame Assembly, Blanket-Lite Case, Frame Assembly Case and Ballast/Mounting Case. 

  In Rental houses, a 2nd Blanket-Lite (BKT-6X6) and ship case (KAS-6X6) is often used for a 2nd color temperature lamp allowing for a quick change out.


                FRM-6X6                                     KAS-6X6-F

The Frame Assembly consists of:

  • 4 Frame Corners
  • 4 Frame Pipes
  • 12 Frame Clip Pins
  • 2 Frame Ears

No tools are required to assemble the frame.  Frame corners simply twist until they mate with holes in the
Frame Pipe by depressing the retractable pins. 

Frame ears mount into large grip heads on high roller stands or other like stands.

Note: The locking knuckles should be pointed to the inside of the frame.
  Mounting Blanket-Lite to Frame

The Blanket-Lite should travel with lamps preloaded. It is recommended to mount the frame between two stands. Tilt the top edge of the frame over the open shipping case. Pull the Blanket-Lite straps out of the box leaving the Blanket-Lite in its case.

Line up Blanket-Lite straps with the black Velcro on the pipe frame. Line up the straps’ red line with the red arrow of the tube. This ensures lamps are evenly spaced out within the pipe frame. Tighten loop down to the pipe frame.


Tilt the frame up thereby lifting the Blanket-Lite out from the case. Once the Blanket-Lite has cleared the case, loop the straps around the lower portion of the pipe frame. Hook the ratchet to the other end of the strap.

Draw up any slack in the strap and tighten by drawing down the ratchet lever until tight. Use the Harness Velcro straps to secure the harnesses to the frame.


Attaching Lamps to Blanket-Lite


The Blanket-Lite consists of four wiring harnesses that power sixteen, 6ft HO lamps. The harness wiring is color-coded. The same
color-code must match at each end of the lamp for proper operation to achieve light level control features.

Note: The easiest way to mount lamps is if the Blanket-Lite ratchet straps have already been attached to the frame. Velcro loops hold lamps to the straps.

Once the lamps have been loaded, they can stay attached to the Blanket-Lite and placed in the shipping case for storage and shipping.
  Inserting Pins for Accessories

Blanket-Lite pins are used to give rigidity to the Blanket-Lite. They are inserted through the pipe frame into the two horizontal Blanket-Lite harness tubes. One end of the harness tubes require the pins to be inserted through the strain relief disc.

The remaining 8 pins are inserted at 90 degrees to the frame. These pins support additional accessories.
  Mounting the Reflector

The silver cloth reflector (REF-6X6) is attached by looping the elastic corner ties around each corner. Orient the reflector so that the Velcro strips on the reflector line up with the Velcro on the Lamp harness tubes.

Mounting Diffusion Material

Elastic loops hold the diffusion material to the corner posts. The pins along the middle of the frame provide additional support to the diffusion.

Mounting Cloth Louver

Each corner of the Louver (LVC-6X6 sold separately) has an adjustable Velcro loop. Loosely hang the two top corners of the louver around the frame’s upper corner posts.

Set the tension of the louver by adjusting the four Velcro loops. Further tension and support is provided by the adjustable elastic loops along the edge of the louver.


Mounting Ballast Tray

Use the Mafer Clamp (MTP-AME58) to mount the hanger onto the stand.

Slide the ballast tray onto the hanger. Connect the extension cables to the harnesses and ballasts. The Ballast Tray can be moved with the Blanket-Lite and Frame.

Extension Cable


Lamps can operate as far as 75 feet from the ballast. (3 x 25ft extensions)

Mega 4Bank Ballast


The Kino Flo Mega 4Bank Ballast is a high output, high frequency electronic ballast that can operate four 6ft lamps up to 75 feet
(3 x 25ft extension cables) between ballast and fixture. Four Mega 4Bank ballasts are required to operate one Blanket-Lite. The ballast sends a high output current to the lamps to drive the light as brightly as possible. Its high frequency electronics prevent any type of flicker as well. A special heat-sink design and custom electronic engineering ensure stable operation without magnetic hum or cooling fans to interfere with the sound recording on set.

                                                            Mega 4Bank Controls View

The ballast is designed to operate at temperatures from 14F to 122F (-10C to +50C). In cold temperatures, the ballast may not strike the lamp (s) instantly. Switch the ballast to OFF, wait seven seconds and try again. If the ballast does not strike after two or three attempts, turn off the ballast, check that the extension and harness connections are secure and re-strike. Once operating for a few minutes, the lamps should re-strike instantly.

Notice we haven't used the word "dimming" to describe lighting control. The reason is that dimming changes a lamp's color temperature and color balance. The Mega 4Bank ballast has individual switches so that each lamp can be turned on/off. Additionally, the lamps can be operated in a high output/standard output mode. This combination controls light levels without the color shift issues you have with dimming.

The Lamps

The 6ft T-12 lamps offer a large surface area of soft light. The wide design creates a nearly shadowless display that drops off evenly.

Smaller source fluorescents, such as the compact 55Watt lamps used in the Kino Flo ParaBeam or ParaZips, can be brighter, but they are
a bit more directional and create denser shadows as well. Kino Flo compensates for the lower light level associated with T-12 tubes by overdriving each one with the Mega 4Bank ballast as described above.


Traditionally, 6ft High Output lamps come with a Recessed Double Cathode. In order to use the 6ft lamps with Kino Flo's Locking Lamp Connector, Kino Flo's lamps have a standard bi-pin configuration. If the lamps are to be used for swapping out existing fixtures on location, a removable adapater can be used.

A discussion of the various lamps available for use in the Blanket-Lite in the Lamp Section provides more information on the types of lamps available from Kino Flo. It's important to know that the True Match daylight and tungsten 6ft tubes common on sets around the world are unique to Kino Flo because they display broad, even, color-correct light that cinematographers have come to depend on. These are the only high color rendering fluorescent lamps made for the professional film and video production. The Blanket-Lite will operate any 6ft T-12 tube but the color will not be true and the life span will be shorter. All True Match lamps used in the Blanket-Lite are available safety-coated.  Safety-coating protects the user from broken glass if the tube breaks.


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