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Discontinued 12/2016

The soft fill light from the new Desk-Lite 121 makes on-air talent look their very best in HD TV news studios. Hidden in anchor desks and other built-in set pieces, the soft, cool, energy efficient Desk-Lite 121 fills in shadows under the eyes and chin, and smoothes skin details without distracting the viewing audience.

Kino Flo has been meeting lighting challenges for more than 20 years in and out of the studio. The new Desk-Lite 121 joins the family of HD studio softlights such as the ParaBeam and VistaBeam luminaires, providing faithful color and reliable light quality over the long life of our True Match® lamps.

The Desk-Lite 121 boasts a 12” high color rendering T5 lamp (CRI 95) and parabolic reflector for close range or medium zone distances. Because it’s a Kino Flo, the lamp operates coolly, unlike tungsten hot light sources, and only draws about .3 amps (120vac). The trim, lightweight fixture includes onboard electronics, on/off controls, removable focusing louver and a 180° center mount system.

The fixture displays a soft even field of light of 35 Foot Candles (FC) at two feet; 15 FC at three feet; and 8 FC at four feet. Up lighting faces on a news desk requires between 5 FC and 15 FC depending on the key lights and ambient light reflecting onto the subject.

Key features include:

• Alloy fixture and polished reflector
• Built-in, dead quiet electronics
• Flicker-free ballast
• 180° adjustable mount
• Removable Louver
• True Match® tungsten and daylight lamps

Desk-Lite Highlights

• All-in-one design
• Built-in flicker-free ballast
• Fixture includes louver and reflector
• 180° adjustable mount for mounting to a flat surface
• Low amperage draw at 0.3A 120VAC, 0.1A 230VAC
• Compact design can be easily hidden for built-in sets
• Same fixture accepts tungsten or daylight lamp


The Desk-Lite 121 is ideally suited for news anchor desks due to its compact all-in-one design. Its flicker-free, dead quiet ballast is the perfect fixture for live TV broadcast and video environment. It provides on-air talent with a soft fill beauty light as well as being cool to
the touch.
Fixture Assembly

The Desk-Lite 121 includes a removable louver, built-in reflector and adjustable mount with screws.
Fixture Operation

One of the advantages of the Desk-Lite is its built-in ballast and on/off power switch on the back of the fixture which makes it an easy operation and quick set-up.

The Desk-Lite 121 comes with a 180° adjustable mount with two screws to mount the fixture to a flat surface. Fixture hinge tension is adjusted by the central Phillips head screw.
Applying Gels and ND

Option #1 - Cut gel or Neutral Density filter to 13.5” x 4” (34 x 10cm).
Use adhesive tape to secure the gel to the outside of the fixture. Ensure that the air vents are not obstructed.
Option #2 - Cut the gel to 12.25” x 3.25” (31 x 8cm) and place it inside the fixture with the natural curl of the gel pointing down.
Insert the louver to hold the gel in place.
The Kino Flo Lamps


The Desk-Lite 121 lamps are available in 12” T5 in two color temperatures KF32 to match tungsten and KF55 to match daylight. They display a broad, even color-correct light that cinematographers have come to depend on for over 20 years.

The Desk-Lite 121 will operate other manufacturers lamps. In some cases may want to use cool white or warm white lamps to match the overall environment or can use blacklight or other special lamps for effects.

All fluorescent lamps require some “burn in” time before they operate at their rated Kelvin temperature and brightness.

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