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Discontinued 6/2013

Kamio Ring-Lights provide a glamour lighting solution for close-ups in film and video photography. The soft, cool Kamio light falls gracefully on the subject’s face because it mounts on the lens, unlike conventional on-camera quartz lights that produce heat and shadows. Kamios also display daylight and tungsten quality light without filtration.

Kamio 6 System,

1 Kamio 6 Ring-Light
   w/ 2-Stage Matte Box
1 Kamio 12VDC On-Camera Ballast
1 Ballast Mount
1 Baby Pin Shoe Mount


Kamio 6 System Highlights
  • 1-Lamp fixture w/ built-in reflector and harness
  • Same fixture takes daylight and tungsten lamps
  • Built-in 2-stage matte box
  • 112mm opening with adapter rings for most common film and video lenses
  • Light weight fixture mounts directly onto camera lens
  • 12VDC dimming ballast
  • Instant-on, dead quiet
  • Flicker-free
  • UL listed, CE approved
    Kamio 6 Kits    

  Kamio 6 Kit, (On-Camera/2-Stage) w/
  Travel case

  1 Kamio 6 Ring-Light w/ 2-Stage Matte Box
  1 Kamio 12VDC On-Camera Ballast
  1 Ballast Mount
  1 Baby Pin Shoe Mount
  1 6.6A Universal VAC Power Supply
  4 Gel Frame
  1 Gel Frame Template
  1 15ft Extension
  1 Top Barndoor
  2 Side Barndoor
  1 Travel Case

Kamio 6 Basic Kit, (On-Camera/2-Stage) w/
Travel Case

1 Kamio 6 Ring-Light w/ 2-Stage Matte Box
1 Kamio 12VDC On-Camera Ballast
1 Ballast Mount
1 Baby Pin Shoe Mount
1 Travel Case

  21.5 x 11 x 16.5”
  (54.6 x 28 x 42cm)


  22 lb (9.9kg)
21.5 x 11 x 16.5”
(54.6 x 28 x 42cm)


13 lb (5.9kg)
  Kamio 6 System
  Kamio 6 System    

The popular Kamio 6 System was designed for high-end film and television production. Main application is for front-fill beauty light or
eye light.  The easy set up makes the Kamio perfect for interviews.  They are also cool to the touch as well as to the talent.

The “on-camera” ring light delivers flicker-free, even, soft light and mounts onto the lens of film or video cameras.  It is powered by an
onboard 12VDC dimming ballast (BAL-149X).  The 4-pin xlr cable comes with the ballast to operate with a battery.  For AC operation,
a power supply (PWS-156X) is also available (included with the Kamio 6 kit).

  Kamio Assembly
Kamio 6 Fixture  
The Kamio 6 fixture houses the lamp and includes a built-in reflector and 3ft lamp harness.
The Kamio 6 has a built-in 2-stage matte box to accommodate filter holders.
Kamio 6  

The Kamio 6 holds two filter trays which hold two 4” x 5.65” or two 4” x 4” filter holders. 

Each filter holder (FIL-KAM6 – sold separately from kit) has a detent on one side of the frame.  To properly secure the holder, the detents should align with the two small pushball set screws on the tray.

The tension can be adjusted by using a flat jeweler’s screwdriver to vary the depth of the screw setting.  The silver thumbscrews lock the filter trays in position.  The lens clamp locks the Kamio to the lens.

  Changing Lamps

Lamps can be changed out by pushing the lamp harness through the reflector.  The lamp will clear the reflector making it easier to grasp.

  Mounting Fixture

The Kamio ring light is designed to mount directly to the camera lens.  An expandable clamping ring is designed to fit lenses with an
outside diameter of 112mm. (e.g. Panavision Primo Primes).  The locking screw is used to clamp down on the lens.

Adapter rings easily clamp onto the back of the fixture allowing the user to adapt to various smaller lens diameters on both film and video cameras.  To determine the proper size ring adapter needed, measure the “outside” diameter of the lens. 

Other options for smaller camera lens include “step up” adapters to be used in conjunction with the 85mm adapter ring, for example, KAM58/85 and KAM72/85.

Note: The Kamio is only recommended for fixed barrel lenses which can have accessories either screwed or twisted on.  Fixed barrel lenses are designed to support the weight of the Kamio and
keep the fixture properly oriented.

Another mounting option is the Kamio Mount w/ Baby Receiver (MTP-KAM6B).  The Kamio sits in front of the lens rather than mounting directly on the lens which gives you more flexibility, useful for smaller odd sized camera lens or if using video cameras with microphones. 


  The Kamio Ballast (BAL-149X) is a 12VDC dimming ballast that can operate DC or AC. For DC operation, the ballast is connected with the 4-pin XLR (included) to a battery belt or battery.

A) Power Input:  Connects to 12VDC power cable (4-pin XLR) or 24VDC cable (3-pin XLR)
B) Lamp Output: Connects to lamp harness cable
C) Dimmer Control: Adjusts light level of the lamp
D) Trim: Adjusts the bottom end of the dimming curve
E) Power Switch: On/off power switch.  Indicator lights up green when power is applied.

  An Anton Bauer battery adapter (PWC-141A) is available as an accessory.

For AC operation, the PWS-156X (6.6A, 100-250VAC Universal Power Supply) may be used.

The dimmer should be full up when striking the lamp.  Once the lamp has come to full temperature, in 3-5 minutes, then dim to the desired light level.  Avoid operating in temperatures above 125°F (51°C).

It is normal for the lamp to take 1-2 seconds to ignite.  In cold temperatures the Ballast may take longer to ignite the lamp.  If it does not ignite within 5 seconds, switch the ballast to OFF and try again.  If lamp does not strike after 2 or 3 attempts, turn Ballast off, check that the harness or any extension connections are secure and restrike.

Do not operate camera and Kamio off a camera battery charger.  The combined load exceeds the charger’s capacity and will result in the charger failing.

Note:  Always turn off the ballast before connecting or disconnecting lamp, harness or head extension cable. 


Kamio Extension Cable


The Kamio 6 Kit includes one 15ft extension cable (X04-K15).  Maximum distance between ballast and fixture is 30ft (2 x 15ft cables).


Mounting Ballast

  Mounting bracket, MTP-141, is required to mount the ballast to a baby pin.

Loosen thumbscrew on the MTP-141 sufficiently to allow the flange to insert into the track on the underside of the ballast.

Baby shoe adapter, MTP-141S, is used to mount the ballast to a camera equipped with a hot shoe receptacle.

Slide the flange of the MTP-141S into the hot shoe receptacle on the camera.  Lock the pin by screwing down the thumbscrew.

A Ballast Baby Mount w/ 1/4" screw (MTP-141P) is used to mount the Kamio Ballast to Cameras equipped w/ a 1/4" screw hole instead of a hot shoe.


Example of the ballast (BAL-149X) being mounted to a baby pin


An optional ballast clamp with baby pin (MTP-141C) can be used with the MTP-141 to mount the ballast (BAL-149X) onto a baby receiver.



Kamio 6 Barndoor, Long
Kamio 6 Barndoor, Short (2pk)
For additional light control, barndoors are included in the Kamio 6 kit. They are attached by fitting into the notches on the fixture hinge and tightened with the thumbscrew.
Gel Frame  

The Kamio 6 kit includes 4 Gel Frames (GFR-KAM6) and Gel Frame Template (GFR-KAM6T).

The Kino Flo Lamps  

The Kamio lamps are available in tungsten KF32 or daylight KF55.  They display soft, even,
color-correct light that cinematographers have come to count on to produce color-correct light rated
at CRI 95. The lamps are unique to the Kamio because of the custom molded connector on the lamp harness that fits at a 90° angle to the fixture.

All fluorescent lamps require some "burn in" time before they operate at their rated Kelvin temperature and brightness. For dimming products, the lamps perform best after 100 hours of operation.



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