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Discontinued 12/2018

The portable Diva-Lite® series have become the industry’s most popular professional cool lighting fixtures for film and video location work. Kino Flo’s trademark modular fixture Diva-Lite 401 gets refreshed with full-range dimming, switching and remote control features. It is available in 120VAC only. The updated Diva-Lite 401 will replace the Diva-Lite 415 Universal discontinued as of July 2017. The portable, versatile Diva-Lite runs cool, flicker-free and energy efficient at only 2.16A /120VAC. Diva-Lites can go from nighttime to daytime interiors by switching True Match® tungsten for daylight quality lamps making it the perfect lighting tool for interview set ups, news or commercial video production.


  The Diva-Lite 401 Fixture
• Built-in dimming ballast
• 4-Lamp/2-Lamp switching
• Remote dimming
• Built-in Barndoors
• Center Mount
• Reflector, Louver, Gel Frame
• True Match® daylight and tungsten balanced lamps
  Diva-Lite Highlights

  • Fixture includes Center Mount, Gel Frame, Louver and built-in barndoors
  • On location, lamps get to full color temperature in three minutes.
    When finished, turn off power and pack. No need for cool down period.
  • The lamps can stay in the fixture for quick transport.
  • All-in-one design with built-in Dimming Ballast
  • Remote dimmer capability
  • 4-Lamp/2-Lamp switching
  • Low amperage draw - can plug in to any household outlet
  • Slim profile ideal for shooting in small offices, hallways, or cramped quarters
  • Same fixture uses 55Watt compact 5500K (Daylight) and 3200K (Tungsten) lamps.
  • Full spectrum (CRI 95) lamps available in 3200K and 5500K
  • High color rendering True Match lamps work well alongside conventional quartz lights or HMI's.
  • Kino Flo 55Watt compact lamps also available in 550nm green and 420nm blue for green and blue screen.
  • Color gels do not burn out or fade due to low heat of fixture.
  • Center Mount for horizontal and vertical axes rotation
  • Honeycomb louvers 90° and 60° give tremendous light control.
  The Diva-Lite 401 is a soft light source ideally suited for Television or Film documentary shooting styles. The units provide a broad, soft and diffused light. As a cosmetic light source they are ideal for news presenters reporting from locations around the world. Their compact size and rugged lightweight nature make them well suited for travel.

The Diva-Lite puts out a broad soft wash of light. The drop off is like the light off of a bounce card.
For this reason it is most effective in close proximity to the subject. By being close, the light is softer and easily controlled with the built-in barndoors and detachable louvers.

This instrument is proving to be very popular for interviews. It is small enough to travel easily. It is light enough to rig onto lighting stands or onto grip arms. An interview can be done with as little as a single Diva-Lite 401 and a bounce card.

Diva-Lites operate on Kino Flo True Match 55W compact fluorescent lamps. Daylight balanced (KF55) and tungsten balanced (KF32) lamps are available.

Light level control is established through an onboard dimmer as well as by 4 and 2 lamp switching.
An in-line power switch controls the power. Louvers provide control over the spread of the light.

  Diva-Lite Kits    
  Diva-Lites were designed to be used as portable light kits. Therefore, the majority of sales and rentals are done as kits.
    Diva-Lite 401 Kits    

  Diva-Lite 401 Kit, 120VAC



Diva-Lite 401 Kit, 120VAC (2-Unit)
w/ Flight Case
  1 Diva-Lite 401
  1 Flozier, Full
  1 Lamp Case
  1 Travel Case

2 Diva-Lite 401
2 Flozier, Full
2 Offset Mount
2 Medium Duty Stand
2 Lamp Case
1 Flight Case

  28 x 8.5 x 19.5"
  (71 x 22 x 49.5cm)

  26 lb (12kg)
22.5 x 16 x 33.5"
(57 x 41 x 85cm)

66 lb (30kg)

Electronic Ballast

The ballast is designed to provide flicker-free operation under extreme conditions. It is equipped with
a voltage controlled input stage. This stage regulates the voltage coming into the ballast and smoothes out any minor or major voltage fluctuations that would otherwise cause a lamp to flicker or vary in light output. This is especially important for location shooting applications where the quality of the electricity is unpredictable.

The Diva-Lites have been used in very trying circumstances from war torn countries to remote locations where power is very often a small-unregulated generator.

The Diva-Lites feature a built-in dimmer control. Lamps can dim from 100% down to 5%. However, it is not recommended that the dimmer be used to adjust exposure levels beyond one f-stop down. As the lamp cools, the color may drift into the magenta spectrum. Under certain conditions this phenomenon may have a positive cosmetic effect; much like using cosmetic gel that is magenta in appearance.

  To adjust for lower light levels, the Diva-Lite 401 is equipped with a select switch to control 4 Lamp or 2 Lamp operation. Switching off a set of lamps reduces the light by one f-stop.
The Diva-Lites come with a 15ft power cord to accomodate putting the unit on a light stand. An in-line power switch located on the power cord controls the power.

Center Mount

The ball and socket mount is a Kino Flo standard. It allows unlimited fixture orientation and keeps the fixture lightweight. The fixture can operate in either a horizontal or vertical position. It is easily rigged on the end of a grip arm to allow positioning off camera as a backlight for interviews.
  The Center Mount has a ball and socket design with a lock down handle. To orient the fixture, release the handle, position the fixture, then lock down the handle.
  At the other end of the Center Mount is a baby receiver (16mm) that can go directly onto a light stand.
  Example of the Diva-Lite rigged into a mafer clamp with baby pin.
Note the eyelet next to the mount is used as a safety point.

… The Offset w/Baby Receiver (sold separately) can be used to center the weight and balance of the fixture over the center of the stand. This is recommended when using lightweight kit stands to increase stability. The offset receiver can also be used to under hang the fixture.
  Example of the baby offset arm centering the weight of the fixture over a light stand or being used as an "Up" light.
  Light Control  
  Even in the hands of an inexperienced lighting professional, the subject will end up looking good.
There will be no sharp shadows that define age in a face. For more softness, adding a Flozier is recommended or in situations where subjects are wearing glasses and the reflection of the lamps
may be distracting.
  The Flozier is cloth material that slips over the front of the fixture and provides a large area of white diffusion. The resulting larger area of diffusion further softens the light.

This is especially useful when dealing with reflective subject matter as a means of diffusing the reflection of the lamps in the fixture. The harshness of lamp reflections in glasses is easily avoided. The Flozier is available in two densities, full and half.
  Honeycomb Louver - The spread of the light is controlled by means of thin wall honeycomb louvers. The advantage of these louvers is the minimal loss of light at the center of the beam. The Diva-Lite fixtures include a 90° louver. A 60° louver is also available as an accessory. They are lightweight and are held to the fixture with Velcro fasteners.
  The gel frame and louver are attached to the fixture with 4 Velcro straps.

The Remote Dimmer DIM-5 is a useful accessory for controlling the light output when you can’t reach the onboard dimmer knob. When the remote dimmer is plugged into the fixture, the onboard dimmer is automatically disabled. The dimmer comes with a 15ft extension cable.


The Clamshell Travel case is recommended for transport in small vehicles or local production trucks. They contain space for the fixture and lamps. The clamshell cases hold one Diva-Lite 401 (KAS-D4-C).
  Clamshell Travel Case

  The Heavy-Duty Flight Case is well suited for long distance transport by sea or air. The rugged construction ensures that the fixtures are well protected. The case has room for fixtures, spare lamps and stands.

The flight case holds two Diva-Lite 401's (KAS-D42).
      Heavy Duty Flight Case
  The Lamps  

Diva-Lites operate on 55W twin tube compact fluorescents. Kino Flo’s True Match® KF55 and KF32
are designed for daylight and tungsten respectively. In 1995 Kino Flo received a Technical Achievement Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in part for the development of its
color-correct line of fluorescent lamps.

The True Match lamps allow the KF32 to mix seamlessly with regular studio quartz hard lights.
The KF55 mixes seamlessly with natural daylight or HMI’s.

Like other lamps in the True Match family, the 55W Compact's color (CRI 95) is formulated by Kino Flo to match the spectral sensitivity curves of HD and digital film imaging equipment. With its proprietary chemistry, the True Match® lamps in a Kino Flo fixture display a unique quality of soft light. The smooth beam gradient responds especially well to the new generation of HD cameras on the set and works side by side with traditional tungsten sources without corrective filtration.

The 420nm blue and 550nm green lamps are also available for lighting blue and green screens.
The narrow band lamps provide an efficient light source for special effects compositing.

   Diva-Lite Advantages  

Energy Efficiency

The Diva-Lite is an efficient soft light compared to conventional studio fixtures. The Diva-Lite 401 is brighter than a 1K studio tungsten softlight, yet draws only 2.16 amps at 120VAC compared to 8 amps on the tungsten softlight. This is especially important when shooting on location and power availability is an issue. The low power draw is also an advantage when operating on battery inverter power sources.
On the HMI side, the Diva-Lite 401 would be approximate to a 400Watt with a soft Dome.

Long Lamp Life

Lamp life of a compact fluorescent for the television and motion picture industry is determined more by its lumen maintenance than by its actual burn time. All fluorescent lamps display a lumen depreciation curve. This means that over time the light output gradually drops and lowers in color temperature. A lamp may be rated at 10,000 to 20,000 hours, but its useful light quality is shorter. It is realistically more in the 2,000 to 2,500 hour range. All fluorescent lamps require some "burn in" time before they operate at their rated Kelvin temperature and brightness. For dimming products, the lamps perform best after 100 hours of operation. Due to portable nature of the Diva-Lites, the lamps can be damaged from handling and transport before "burning-out".

True Match Color-Correct Lamps

True Match lamps are formulated to correspond to the spectral distribution curves of film and video cameras as well as look correct to the eye. They are designed to match the colors from quartz units or daylight sources such as HMI’s. This gives the camera operator the option of mixing quartz hard light sources with fluorescent soft sources. Most lighting designers want the ability to use both qualities of light to enhance the set.

Architectural lamps are designed to optimize government-mandated standards for lumens per watt efficiencies (energy savings targets). In order to achieve these standards, the lamps contain high levels of light in the green spectrum, which our eyes don’t perceive as inaccurate. Film and television cameras do record this added green. For example, green renders Caucasian skin tone as grayish and unattractive. The architectural lamps do not match with other studio lamps. They render colors inaccurately and make correction in post almost impossible.

In 1995 Kino Flo received a technical achievement award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for the development of the first color-correct lamps for film. Kino Flo continues to be a leader in the industry introducing new developments and constantly improving the efficiencies and formulations of its lamp technology.

Heat Management Design

For Kino Flo, heat management is a critical design element of fixture design. The physical heat of the lamp directly influences color temperature and lumen performance and lamp life. In order to maintain a stable color performance the lamp requires:

  • a cool spot at the tip of the lamp
  • a horizontal orientation
  • or a vertical orientation where the base of the lamp is above the lamp tip.

The Diva-Lite design addresses these requirements:

  • The lamps are correctly spaced to maximize light output and minimize heat.
  • The reflector is vented in the back to increase airflow.
  • The ends are open to minimize heat buildup.
  • The power cord is oriented in such a manner that the lamp tips will naturally be in down position when fixture is operated vertically.

A well maintained lamp temperature extends the lumen maintenance, color temperature and life of a lamp.

Center Mount

The Center Mount is more flexible than a conventional yoke. A yoke limits orientation on two axes, tilt and pan. The ball center mount design enables the beam to be oriented at any angle. This allows the beam to be rotated and have the same effect as rotating a barndoor on a Fresnel.

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